Innovation is our DNA

We are convinced that innovation is the key to success.

At T-fal, we all use our expertise in technology, ergonomics, daily use of products and consumer's habit to assess your needs and imagine new solutions, products and services that will improve your everyday life.

We believe that listening to you is the way for us to offer innovations that will change your habits for the best.

What does T-fal "innovation" mean?

Our research and development team constantly keep an eye on the latest technologies and the latest consumer's expectations.

Driven by innovation in both function and design, T-FAL consistently sets new trends in the world of housewares. European influence helps guide the development of a range of electrical appliances and award-winning cookware, from irons and kettles to indoor BBQs and toasters.


Innovating for your health

The idea of making homemade fries with very little oil started a long time ago. We were able to approach the question from another angle through our research with French universities that focused on the cooking process. This new knowledge led us to understand the precise role oil plays in cooking and the exact parameters needed to get a crispy outside and a soft inside.

Once we developed and mastered this process, we needed to transpose it to a household appliance. It took no fewer than five generations of prototypes and multiple organoleptic tests to come up with the sought-after quality and results.

That's how ActiFry was born. And now we are counting on you to carry on this culinary journey.


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Perfect grilling results from rare to well-done!

Whether you are looking for rare or well done, the Optigrill’s exclusive worldwide-patented technology gives you perfect results every time! This innovative automatic grill allows you to achieve restaurant like results in the comfort of your own home.

The highly intelligent internal sensors read the thickness and size of your food and calculate the time needed to prepare the perfect meal. The OptiGrill monitors the cooking level from rare to well-done, and will alert you when each stage is reached. The non-stick plates allow for less fat and more delicious, healthy meals.


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Discover the secret of perfect cooking with Thermo-Spot®!

Did you know that appropriately pre-heating your pan is the key to perfect cooking? Just like your oven needs pre-heating before baking, you need to pre-heat your pan if you wish to get the best cooking results.   
Thermo-spot® features a heat indicator that helps you cook in all safety those perfect meals for your loved ones.
How does it work? It is simple. Right inside your pan, you have an indicator that turns red once the ideal cooking temperature is reached.?Before heating, the Thermo-Spot® pattern is clearly visible. As the pan heats up, the colour begins to change. Once it reaches the ideal temperature, the Thermo-Spot® pattern turns solid red ensuring you a uniform and ideal temperature to cook all your meals.

Enjoy the best of your cooking experience from the beginning to the end! 


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Soleplate Technology

To make the task of ironing a pleasure and to get perfect results, T-fal’s exclusive soleplate makes getting the job done easy. Our soleplates were designed for durability and easy gliding to reduce snagging and to save you time.
There is no more compromising on performance - Ironing is made safe and easy!

T-fal’s range of irons are ultra simple to use, and offer the optimal combinations, presets, temperature and steam in one touch. View our range of irons to see which one is best for you. Whether you are an expert or not, with T-fal perfect ironing belongs to everyone!

3 steps to perfect ironing :

  • Humidify and soften your fabrics for smoother ironing
  • The hot soleplate of the iron will dry and smooth out fibers
  • Do not fold your clothes immediately after ironing, it will save them from creases!
Are you ready to enter the new era of ironing?

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