Our mission

Our mission is to give you the opportunity through our products and services to enjoy tasty, diversified and healthy cooking and perform useful daily activities for you, your loved ones and your friends.

Tefal, Ideas you can't live without!

Our new concepts and innovations are based on your needs.
Everything started with a single idea: the non-stick pan. A revolutionary product that made cooking simpler and attractive.

Since then, we have always tried to innovate. We have one motto: Make your everyday life easier.

All along these years, T-fal has offered you a range of innovative solutions and thanks to you, we have become the world leader in non-stick cookware and a world leader in irons, cooking appliances, pressure cookers, food and drink preparation products and scales. Today, T-fal is close to you in more than 120 countries.

Ingenious, Generous, Inspiring!
Discover the world of T-fal.

T-fal is part of Groupe SEB.

Our Innovations

All T-fal product are conceived and manufactured based on one major concept to make life a little easier without compromising results.  

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Our Commitments

We care about you and our environment for a sustainable growth.

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Our History

Discover the history of T-fal, from 1956 through today.

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Our commercials

A pinch of humour, a pinch of ingenuity, here we are!

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