T-FAL Ultraglide Steam Iron FV4017

Ultraglide Steam Iron FV4017
Ultra powerful, the fastest glide!
  • Powerful 1700-watt steam iron produces up to 50% more steam
  • Durilium ceramic soleplate provides ultra-smooth glide
  • New steam trigger for maximum comfort when ironing
  • Anti-drip, Auto-of systems
  • Precision point tip


For faster and easier ironing session, choose the Ultraglide FV4017 steam iron from industry-leader T-fal.

  • The powerful 1700-watt steam iron produces up to 50% more steam.
  • The Durilium Ceramic soleplate combines an aluminum layer for excellent heat and steam distribution with an enamel layer for an ultra-smooth glide that outperforms the competition.
  • Ergonomic steam trigger, located on the underside of its handle, requires nothing more than a press of the finger to release a powerful burst of steam (80-gram/min).
  • The powerful 1700 watts iron generates up to 50% more steam than the competition, making it possible to quickly remove wrinkles from work shirts, trousers, evening wear, table linen, and more.
  • The iron’s precision-point tip comes in handy for reaching into pleats, pressing collars, and maneuvering around buttons.
Other highlights includes
  • Vertical steam for hanging garments,
  • An anti-drip system to prevent leaks or spitting at lower temperatures,
  • An extra-large water inlet for convenient filling, 
  • Self-cleaning system,
  • Automatic shut-off for safety and peace of mind.
Enjoy reliable high-quality steam with the T-fal Powerglide FV2640 steam iron.


  * In glideability vs top 5 best selling steam irons in Canadian, US and Mexican Markets (November 2013 - October 2014)

  • Durilium Ceramic soleplate provides outsanding glide

    For over 30 years, the Durilium Csoleplate has been acclaimed for its outstanding glide which provides fast and effortless ironing and for its excellent scratch resistance even when ironing harmful areas such as zippers.

  • Smart safety auto-off

    When accidently left unattended, the iron automatically turns off ; after 8 minnutes if left on the heel and after 30 seconds if left on the soleplate or on the side.

  • New ergonomic steam trigger

    Ergonomic steam trigger on the underside of the handle releases powerful burst of steam (80-gram/min) with a simple squeeze.

  • Easy to fill watertank

    The filling hole is designed to smoothly refill the water tank

  • Anti-calc action

    The anti-calc system makes the cleaning operation of your iron possible. A regular maintenance will ensure durable steam performance.

  • Easy setting

    With the Automatic Steam function, you only have to choose your type of linen and the iron will do the rest. It will adjust the suitable temperature and steam flow

  • Extra Large water tank

    XL water tank allows uninterrupted ironing session and saves your time in frequent re-fills.

  •  Anti-drip System

     When ironing delicate fabrics at low temperature, the anti-drip prevents water from leaking on your clothes.

  •  Powerful steam iron

    This powerful 1700 Watts steam iron produces up to 50% more steam, making it easy to remove wrinkles from all types of fabric, including cotton, linen, silk and wool. The microholes are distributed at the tip and body of the soleplate for optimal ironing results.

  • Durilium Ceramic Soleplate for outstanding glide

    The Durilium Ceramic soleplate ensures outstanding glide and provides fast and effortless ironing along with excellent scratch resistance.

  • Precision tip for convenient ironing

    The tip of the iron has a special shape that makes ironing around the buttons much easier

Power 1700  W
Continuous steam output 35  g/min
Steam boost 90  g/min
Vertical Steam    
Setting of steam & temperature Automatic steam  
Soleplate Technology Durilium® Technology  
Glideability of soleplate *****  
Durability of soleplate / scratch resistance *****  
Precision Tip    
Continuous steam diffusion Tip, side and heart  
Ergonomic steam trigger    
Comfort Handle    
Stable rest hill    
Water tank capacity 270  ml
Water filling hole Extra Large  
Power cord length 2,7  m
Anti scale function Anti-scale setting  
Colours Blue  

Frequently asked questions

No, leave the iron to cool down before putting it away and follow the 4 tips: empty out the water remaining in the tank, set the thermostat to the minimum, close the steam control and stand it upright or place it on the base (depending model).

If your iron has an anti-calc system, you should clean the anti-calc valve once a month. To do this, unplug the iron and leave it to cool for 30-45 minutes. Empty the water and remove the valve, holding it by the top. Let the anti-calc valve soak for 4 hours in a glass of commercially available white vinegar or natural lemon juice, then thoroughly rinse the anti-calc valve under tap water. Reposition the anti-calc valve into your iron. Warning! Never touch the end of the anti-calc valve. the iron does not work without the anti-calc valve.

Gently shake your iron to reactivate it, the lights should start to flash and then the product should start to heat up.

The electronic system cuts the power and the auto-stop light flashes if the iron is not moved for more than 8 minutes (on its heel rest or base) or is left flat for more than 30 seconds. To turn the iron back on, gently shake it until the light goes out.
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Find more detailed information in the Warranty section of the website.
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