Measuring cup SS-991854

Measuring cup SS-991854
The right dose
Plastic measuring cup allows to measure the right quantity of ingredients.

Designed for electric pressure cooker(s):
- CE430, CE502, CE503, CY625
- Advenced Pressure Cooker CY621
- Easy Express CY601
- Express CY638
- Fast & Delicious CY505
- Fast Multi Cook CY505
- Initial CE620
- Led Micro RK1012, RK1013, RK4010, RK4011
- New Classic RK1005, RK1006, RK1009
- New Classic 10C RK1011
- New Classic 2 RK1008
- Rice Cook New Cl 10C RK1008
- Rice Cooker New Cl 6C RK1006, RK1009
- Rice Cooker New Classic RK1008, RK1011, RK103

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Designed for 1 product(s)

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Electric Pressure Cooker CY505E51 Electrical Cooking