Handle SS-994820

Handle SS-994820
Remove your chips easily and completely safely!
The handle removes the detachable plate. Lift the handle until you hear a 'click' to remove the plate.

Designed for deep fryer :
- Actifry AL800, AL801, AL806, AL80X, FZ700, FZ7002, FZ701, FZ706, GH800, GH806
- Actifry + AL806, GH806
- Actifry Edition Goumand FZ706
- Actifry Edition Gourmand FZ706
- Actifry Gourmand FZ700
- Actifry Snacking FZ707, GH807
- Actifry+ GH800, GH806

Reference : SS-994820

Stock available. Delivered from France in 5 days.

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