Perfect grilling everytime with the T-fal OptiGrill® +

Your meals grilled to perfection

Perfect grilling results from rare to well done

Thickness mesurement Cooking level indicator
Regardless of the thickness or number of portions, food is always cooked to perfection
Exclusive technology automatic sensor cooking
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Discover Optigrill Technology

To each his own Optigrill® improve your cooking
skills and experience
, whatever your desires!

Cook all your food to perfection.
Take the guesswork out of
grilling – food is grilled
just the way
you like it!

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With 4 temperature
, keep warm,
cook slowly, grill or sear,
it's up to you!

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Discover even more
to the 3 new cooking
prepare food for up
to 8 servings.

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Thanks to innovative Optigrill + technology, everyone can perfectly
grill their favorite recipes! The possibilities are endless...
Let yourself be enticed by our recipes!

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Perfect grilling at home for all


New snacking & baking accessory

With the new baking accessory you can transform your OptiGrill into an oven

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Macaroni and cheese Play

Macaroni and cheese

Vegetarian pizza Play

Vegetarian pizza

Cherry Dessert Play

Cherry Dessert

Chocolate chip cookies Play

Chocolate chip cookies


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Succulent steak

A man vs machine steak-out-challenge
As restaurateurs know, a picture of a perfectly cooked succulent steak is still an image that's know to entice diners.


The Optigrill My new Toy!

I am absolutaly ecstatic to write about T-fal's new «Optigrill» i have had it sitting in my kitchen just waiting to be turned on and yesterday was the BIG day!


Testing the T-fal optigrill

You know when you see something on TV and just love it? Well that's how i felt about the T-fal Optigrill. But did it meet my high expectations?

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