T-fal offers a wide range of deep-fryers, from traditional models up to more professional models. Most fryers feature patented filtration systems to keep your oil always clean for healthier meals. With ActiFry low-fat fryers, you are one spoon of oil away from delicious crispy homemade french fries! With Filtra fryers, enjoy healthy frying thanks to T-fal's innovative oil filtering systems. Each time you cook, it's convenient and delicious. Go deluxe with Versalio Deluxe, a great multi cooker that can cook anything for the whole family.

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  • Ultimate EZ Clean Fryer
    Ultimate EZ Clean Fryer

    Automatically filters and stores the clean oil for the next use

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  • Compact Deep Fryer
    Compact Deep Fryer

    Quickly and easily deep fry all your favorite foods.

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    Fry all of your family’s favorites at home!

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