Heating up the kitchen

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Summer is a time when the weather gets warmer and summer romances heat up.

Known for helping you master ‘heating up’ the kitchen with its signature Thermo-Spot™, T-fal has enlisted the help of two Heat Masters to help you bring the heat in and out of the kitchen this summer. Entrepreneur and chef, Franco Noriega and the creator of the relationship-focused podcast, We Met at Acme, Lindsey Metselaar, have partnered with T-fal to bring the heat.

This summer, let T-fal be your wingpan in the kitchen. Sign up for one of our pop-up cooking classes in New York City or Chicago for Date Night or Singles to start heating things up.

Check out tips and tricks below from Chef Franco and Lindsey Metselaar

Tips for heating up the kitchen


By Chef Franco@franconorhal


    Impress any date by suggesting to cook instead of going to a restaurant. A homemade meal will not only guarantee a fun activity together, but also give you both the space to feel more comfortable, interact and really get to know each other.


By Lindsey Metselaar@wemetatacme


    Is your partner’s love language “quality time?” Being present in the moment is one of the most valuable things nowadays. We all find the need to be connected all the time, but to be truly connected in real life, you may need to disconnect from the virtual world.

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