Snacks and baking tray OptiGrill XL XA7258

Snacks and baking tray OptiGrill XL XA7258
Make more recipes with the Optigrill: Pizzas, oven dishes, cakes etc.
Discover the OptiGrill+ and OptiGrill Elite accessory and enjoy all sorts of snacks and cooking! This non-stick, pressure-moulded aluminium tin gives you perfect results quickly and easily. Pizzas, oven cooking, lasagnes, cakes, sandwiches etc. Let your cooking desires run wild!

Attach the accessory to your OptiGrill and use manual mode with four temperature settings to oven cook, heat, keep warm or sear a wide range of ingredients! With the accessory, you can easily prepare sweet or savoury recipes for 2 to 4 people.

Heat-resistant handles make carrying food to the dining table easier. You can also wash the accessory in the dishwasher, which means you really won't have much work to do.

Reference : XA725870

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