All parts and accessories needed for Secure Aluminum 6 Qt. Pressure Cooker, Silver

Controlled Steam Release

Secure, safety at heart!

The Secure was designed so that safety had to be a key element. Its exclusive security system offers the safest way to cook. But it is not done so at the expense of taste. Stew tender beef, simmer an invigorating soup, brown onions or steam your vegetables to enjoy a boost of vitamins.

It tastes good and feels good with the Secure!

  • Extremely safe, automatic locking for opening and closing.
  • Extra safety with the pressure controlled valve, the safety valve and the gasket.
  • Control excessive steam pressure with its controlled release.
  • Made with aluminum, it works on all sorts of cooktops, including induction and gas, and is dishwasher compatible.
  • Capacity : 6QT
  • It will suit all your needs!


Reference : P2614634

3 accessories for Secure Aluminum 6 Qt. Pressure Cooker

  • Long handle SS-981242
    Long handle SS-981242

    Long and easy to maintain

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  • Valve SS-981251
    Valve SS-981251

    The colour button of your pressure cooker

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  • Gasket Ø 220 mm SS-981243
    Gasket Ø 220 mm SS-981243

    Replace annually to guarantee your pressure cooker’s performance!

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