All parts and accessories needed for Oleoclean Pro

1,700 watts of power
This deep fryer features a unique oil filtration system which automatically drains and filters oil for future use. The oil is stored in a separate, sealed plastic container for easy storage until the next use.
The deep fryer has a nice family capacity and the optimal relationship between oil capacity (3.5 Liter) And food capacity (2.65 Pounds)

2-position basket for cooking and draining food.
Permanent odor filter controls odors and viewing window in lid

Reference : FR800050

5 accessories for Oleoclean Pro

  • Oil tank plug SS-994779
    Oil tank plug SS-994779

    Protect your oil against dust

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  • Oil tank lid SS-994781
    Oil tank lid SS-994781

    Airtight seal

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  • Oil container SS-994782
    Oil container SS-994782

    Keep your oil always clean

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  • Frying basket handle SS-994740
    Frying basket handle SS-994740

    Prepare French fries 100% safely

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  • Frying basket SS-994739
    Frying basket SS-994739

    Drain your chips well before eating.

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