All parts and accessories needed for Family Pro 3L

Family capacity: 2.65 lbs of food / 3.3L of oil
Adjustable thermostat to select the perfect cooking temperature for all of your cooking needs; Temperature indicator light lets you know when the oil reaches the correct frying temperature
Countdown timer from 1 to 60 minutes
Cooking lid with viewing window; Cool-touch handles for safe handling and easy transportation;

Reference : FR404950

4 accessories for Family Pro 3L

  • Fries basket SS-995786
    Fries basket SS-995786

    For light fries every time.

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  • Frying basket handle SS-992333
    Frying basket handle SS-992333

    A black handle for holding your chip basket!

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  • Cooking bowl SS-992337
    Cooking bowl SS-992337

    A 3L vessel for maximum quantities of chips. Say goodbye to repeated servings; from now on, serve only once!

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  • Cover+handle SS-992332
    Cover+handle SS-992332

    The viewing window allows you to monitor the cooking of your chips.

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