All parts and accessories needed for Actifry

Only 1 tablespoon oil to make 2 pounds French fries
Foods are cooked healthier with little or no oil.
The food is evenly cooked thanks to the stirring paddle and the pulse heat system will ensure an even distribution of the oil on each piece of food.
One time use of oil: no hot oil or splatter.
The temperature is constant to ensure a perfect cooking.
100% transparent steam-free lid
ActiFry measuring spoon measures the right amount of oil
Color recipe book : perfect for cooking French fries, meat, poultry, seafood, risotto, vegetables, granola and desserts.
Easy: T-fal ceramic non-stick removable pan, stirring paddle, lid and measuring spoons are dishwasher safe for quick clean up.
The ActiFry has an odorless filter which means that your kitchen will stay as fresh as it was when you started cooking.

Reference : FZ700050

4 accessories for Actifry

  • Snacking grid XA701050
    Snacking grid XA701050

    Buy the snacking grid for your Actifry

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  • Bowl SS-993114
    Bowl SS-993114

    With this you can make all sorts of healthy recipes or chips.

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  • Grid grey SS-991268
    Grid grey SS-991268

    To filter your cooking oil, use this grille.

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  • Measuring spoon  SS-994055
    Measuring spoon SS-994055

    The perfect amount of oil for the Actifry®

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