T-FAL 1.7L Kettle

1.7L Kettle
The perfect breakfast companion for delicious hot beverages

1.7 L - Red Stainless steelkettle

 Ideal for home or office, this T-fal KI1605US cordless electric kettle quickly brings 1.7 liters of water to a rolling boil—no more noisy microwave oven or having to wait around near the stovetop. Whether getting through a busy work day, visiting with a friend, or entertaining dinner guests, the electric kettle boils and serves hot water—perfect for flavorful hot tea, French press or instant coffee, hot cocoa, or even instant oatmeal, soup, or noodles.

Stainless steel kettle, with a 1,7L capacity that fit perfectly in your kitchen

Handy and convenient :   

  • 1,7L litre of water : a such capacity will delight all the family.
  • Kettle with a stainless steel body.
  • Concealed heating element to have no direct contact with water. The water heats faster and cleaning inside is easier.
  • Assisted lid opening.
  • Removable anti-scale filter for easy cleaning. A well- cleaned filter ensures both a clean kettle and water for delicious teas and coffees.
  • 360° rotational base, the kettle stays firmly in place.







  • Concealed heating element

    For fast boiling and convenient cleaning of the kettle interior

  • Capacity : 1.7L of water

    Large capacity for serving the whole family. With stainless-steel interior and exterior housing with red metal finish and black accents, this kettle gives a nice colorful designer look to your countertop.

  • Assisted lid opening with removable anti-scale

    For your convenience this electric kettle has removable anti-scale filter; water-level indicator and fills effortlessly via the spout.

  •  Removable anti-scale filter

    To keep both your kettle and your water clean

  •  360° rotational base

     Cordless for ease of use and your kettle stays firmly in place

  • default

    Assisted lid opening

     With large opening, for easy filling and cleaning

  • Water level

     A water level window on the handle. A smart way to help you keep track of the water level.

  •  On/off switch

     Automatic On/off switch with indicator light

Body material Stainless Steel  
Water level indicator    
360 degree rotational base    
Bi-tension selector    
Heating element Concealed  
Immersed light    
Cord Storage    
Spout filling    
Anti dust cover on the spout    
On/Off Switch    
Indicator light    
Limescale Filter Removable  
Automatic stop    
Guarantee 1 YEAR  

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Why does the kettle wobble slightly on the base?
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