T-FAL Brand

   The inventor of the non-stick cookware
In 1954,

T-fal invented the non-stick frying pan and created the non-stick cookware category.
By doing so, it was simply making every cook's life easier.
It was also setting itself on an endless course towards innovation.

Over the years,
Through organic growth and acquisitions, T-fal has become the leading non-stick cookware maker worldwide and a world leader in pressure cookers, electrical cooking appliances, food and beverage preparation, irons and scales.

Present in 120 countries,
T-fal's mission is to offer ingenious products to make cooking simpler and more rewarding as well as making ironing easier and faster.
T-fal is dedicated to understanding the consumer's needs and bringing innovative solutions. T-fal's history is marked with world-class innovations.
   Product design
T-fal's product design communicates the brand's identity:
They are up-to-date, often trendy.
They blend into your life and home.
They stimulate desire and are easy to use.
   Total consumer experience
T-fal designs products for your home.
But it goes further. It aims at providing services that will deliver a total and rewarding experience, particularly when it comes to cooking.

Life is meant to be lived with family and friends.
Cooking is one of the great pleasures of life.
The kitchen is one of the home's favourite rooms.
This is why T-fal aims at offering cooking recipes, advice, lessons and tools to enjoy those moments of pleasure to the full.